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                                      DHPB-100-A2 Big Bag Model
                                      Water Soluble Fretilizer Equipments
                                      Floor Batching System
                                      Fertilizer Granulation Machine
                                      Extrusion Granulation System
                                      Auxiliary equipment
                                      Weighing and Batching System
                                      Blending System
                                      Bucket Elevators
                                      Belt Conveyor
                                      Ration Paking Machine
                                      Sewing Machine and Conveyor
                                      Compound Fertilizer Equipments
                                      Seeds Cleaning and Grading Machine
                                      Small Type NPK Fertilizer Mixing Machine
                                      NPK Fertilizer Mixing Machine Delivered To Neimengu
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                                      SANNONG firstly offered Concept of each batch for one single bag blending and packaging for BB fertilizer production in domestic and oversea. Overcome the segregation problem of bulk blending fertilizer production.
                                      Have been Overcome many difficult technology problems which induced by the procedure of fertilizer production. Our products the Ration Batching and Blending Packaging Machine, the Non off Gauge Ration Packaging Machine, the Non plugging flashboard and Double Feeding Packaging Machine, which have accomplished national patents .
                                      The quality of our products have been passed the state-level test presided by Dr.BaiYouLu who is the Director of National Laboratory of Soil Test and Fertilizer Recommendation.
                                      Chief Counsel of English Sulfur Company .Michael Freeman Visit our Company on site and very interesting to SANNONG Bulk Blending Equipments.
                                      We are the specified products for soil test, fertilizer formula and supply project presided by National Laboratory of Soil Test and Fertilizer Recommendation.
                                      President of Fertilizer Association of India visited our company to negotiate cooperation.
                                      We are the silver owner of the Seventh National Invention Exhibition.
                                      We are the Advantage Foster Enterprise for intellectual property in Hebei
                                      Preside the 11th National Five Years Plan project about research of BB fertilizer production and support technology.
                                      Mr. Zhang Participated the drawing of National Fertilizer Rules of China.
                                      We are the technical innovation model enterprise in medium-sized and small enterprises authorized by Hebei Finance Hall and Science Technology Hall
                                      Pass the Certification of ISO9001-2000 International Quality Management system.
                                      We combined National Fertilizer Quality Inspection and Test Center to research the quality Control technologies of soil test and fertilizer recommendation.
                                      Successfully Export to Middle East Market.
                                      The New Factory of first period project begins to build. The whole workshop occupied 12000 square meters of first period project. The office occupied 6000 square meters.
                                      Our Equipment successfully export to Malaysia
                                      Move into our new Factory.

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